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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 25, 2016 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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>> thanks for joining us.
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>> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> the wilmington community mourns the loss of two firefighters, 41-year-old christopher leach and 51-year-old gary fickes. they were killed today in the line of duty while fighting a house fire. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks so much for joining us. four other firefighters were also injured, two of them are still in critical condition. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do he has the latest. >> they gave everything like to rescue people in the house.
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>> reporter: including their lives. wilmington firefighters lieutenant christopher leach, a 14 year veteran and senior firefighter jerry fickes a 13 year veteran died while fighting a fire on the 1900 block of lake view road just before 3:00 saturday morning. missy napier and six children were inside the house when the fire started. >> couldn't get through the kitchen because it was so smoky. it wasn't fire bee but like it was so smoky and we ran out back and we ran in but the smoke was so hot. >> reporter: napier another adult and all of the children got out safely but leach fickes and two other firefighters became trapped in the basement when the floor collapsed beneath them. >> please keep us in your prayers. this is a very tragic day for the wilmington fire department to lose two individuals. two of our brothers. >> reporter: their sacrifice just too much for napier to bear breaking down in her arms.
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>> she's praying for the families. she know they had kids. it's breaking her heart to know they passed away. >> reporter: at the fire station signs of mourning a city heartbroken over the loss of two firefighters, two fathers, two heroes. >> entire city is in pain, the entire fire department. i don't know, just work with us stay with us and pray for us. >> it's really sad because they had family, they had kids, you know. they're not going to have their parents no more. so sad. >> reporter: those two firefighters remain in stable but critical condition at crozer-chester medical center. two other firefighters were he treated and released from christiana hospital n wilmington, i'm trang do, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> also tonight, charlotte police have now released video he of their deadly encounter with an african-american man that's triggered days of violent protests in the city. hundreds again tonight are again marching through the streets of charlotte to protest the shooting.
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the demonstration is peaceful. cbs news correspondent kenneth craig tells us the video released by police is now raising more questions. >> reporter: dashcam video shows charlotte police officers surrounding a car yelling drop the gun. you also herey a woman saying he doesn't have a gun. scott eventually gets out of an suv his hands at his side as he backs away. you continue to hear someone yell drop the gun and then shots are fired. [gunfire] >> reporter: from another angle body camera video shows an officer pointing a gun at scott while the 43-year-old stands outside his car. police chief kerr putney says scott had a gun in his hand but that cannot be seen on the video. the department released a photograph of a gun found at the scene and said tests revealed scott's dna and fingerprints on the weapon. the police chief said officers were at the scene to arrest someone else but got involved with scott after they he noticed him with marijuana and a gun.
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>> what we are releasing are the objective facts. >> don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he has no weapon. >> reporter: scott's wife insists her husband did not have a gun. family members said they were pleased the footage was finally released but they aren't satisfied. >> we are left with far more questions than we have answers. it does not make sense to us. how it's possible that this incident resulted in the loss of a life. >> reporter: hundreds of protestors peacefully demonstrated for a fifth day saturday. a city wide curfew remains in effect. kenneth craig for cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> also following breaking news tonight. authorities say the suspect in a shooting rampage at a mall in washington state has now been captured. these surveillance pictures show the rifle toting man walking through the cascade mall in burlington last night. five people were killed. at this hour police say there is no evidence this attack is tied to terrorism. also the youngest son of former delaware governor ruth
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ann minner has died in a crash. goer ingram was driving a tow truck. it ran off the road and hit a group of trees. it happened yesterday on bay road near milford. investigators say neither alcohol or drugs appear to be a factor in this case. take a look at this steamroller. et cetera fell off a transport truck in frankford. it happened on the ramp from bridge street to i-95 northbound this afternoon. fortunately no one was injured. police closed off the ramp so crews could remove the steamroller. it's now back opened. cause of the accident is still under investigation. we're turning to our weather after a warm start to fall we're in for a bit of a chilly night. meteorologist lauren casey is here to tills about maybe what we can expect. sweater weather. >> sweater weather natasha. warm temperatures but we were near 90 degrees yesterday. what a difference a day makes. on the backside of a cold
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front today our high temperature in philadelphia, 73 degrees. that front did come through without a lot of fanfare. had some clouds this morning, a few showers moved through quickly picking up about .10 of an inch of rainfall in bethlehem. very isolated in nature but the rainfall, the clouds have cleared out noun crystal clear sky conditions across the delaware valley on storm scan3. temperature change over the last 24 hours on the backside of this cold front significant into the double digits at all of our reporting sites so we are dealing with some pretty cool air already in the poconos, down 47 degrees, mid-50's in the lehigh valley, same case down the shore. still hanging up at 62 degrees in philadelphia and overnight tonight, yes, some chilly air, probably can even leave the windows open. poconos down into the near 40's, dropping down into the low 50's in philadelphia, even some 40's in millville so i'll let you know what to expect tomorrow for the eagles game. it's going to be a beautiful
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day but maybe a cool day. we'll talk about that. and when you'll need to break out the umbrella as we head into next week. no more 80's or 90's to talk about with a long stretch of 70's in store and i'll have all the details in your full forecast coming up in a few natasha. >> lauren thank. the law enforcement community in a south jersey town is honoring veterans tonight. the cherry hill police benevolent association hosted its first pasta dinner for veterans. dozens of vets gathered. among them philadelphia police officer jessie hartnett. now the veteran was wounded on the job back in january. hartnett was tonight's guest of honor. history, it was made in washington today. the national museum of african-american history and culture opened its doors on the national mall after a century of planning. with the ringing of the 130-year-old freedom bell president obama officially dedicateded the national museum of african-american
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history and culture before thousands on the national mall. >> it is an act of patriotism to understand where we've been. >> dignitaries and celebrities including oprah winfrey and will smith helped celebrate the historic occasion with poetry speeches and musical performance. >> ♪ black civil war veterans conceived the idea more than a century ago and former president george w. bush signed legislation authorizing the construction of the museum in 2003. >> this museum tells the truth that a country founded on the promise of liberty held millions in chains. that the price of our union was america's original sin. >> the 400,000 square foot museum show cases four centuries of black history with nearly 3,000 artifacts on display. museum visitors are encouraged
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to start with the slavery exhibit then move chronologically throughout displays on freedom, segregation, civil rights, then lastly, the achievements of black icons. every story is told through an african-american perspective. >> african-american history is not somehow separate from our larger american story, it's not the under side of the american story. it is central to the american story. >> a story with a chapter that was never fully told until now. well, the first visitors toured the building today, only those with advance tickets even got in. tickets are going so fast there is no availability until december. and now to campaign 2016 news tonight as hillary clinton and donald trump prepare for monday's first presidential debate. clinton picks up a big endorsement. today the new york times editorial board threw its support behind the democratic nominee. the newspaper says clinton's experience as secretary of
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state makes her better qualified to shape u.s. foreign policy than trump. meanwhile the republican nominee campaigned in virginia today. he threat tent to bring jennifer flowers monday's debate. former president bill clinton admitted having a sexual relationship with flowers decades ago. trump's taunt is in response to nba owner mark cuban's plan to sit in the front row at the debate at the invitation of the clinton campaign. cuban has been a very vocal critic of donald trump. again, clinton and trump will meet for their highly anticipated first debate on monday night at hofstra university. it starts at 9 o'clock right here on cbs3. and cbs3 anchor jessica dean is heading to new york for that debate. look for her live reports on monday starting at 5 o'clock on "eyewitness news." >> and philadelphia streets without any cars? folks get to experience part of the city he in a whole new light but not everybody was happy. why the city is now apologizing to some drivers. also straight ahead in
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sports and ahead, it's almost game time between the steelers and the eagles. lesley's got a preview for us as the eagles get set to go for a three and o season so far. we're back in a moment. glad you're with us. >> ♪
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>> welcome back. a hacker is reportedly trying to sell photos he stolen from pippa middleton the sister of the duchess of cambridge. about 3,000 pictures are believed to have been illegally taken from pippa's icloud account. now, the images are said to include meteorologist, david murphy pictures of pippa and her fiancee as well as william and kate's children. the hacker contacted some media organizations demanding a minimum of $65,000. also the popular social media app snapchat is introducing video recording glasses called spectacles. the glasses can record 10 seconds of video at a time. the video he is then up loaded to the memory section of the
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app. the spectacles will be available later this fall on a limited basis and they'll cost you about $130. also tonight the city of philadelphia is apologizing for together vehicles during today's philly free streets event. south street was closed between front street and the schuylkill river trail. no vehicles were allowed so the people could walk run or bike freely right through the middle of the street. now, the city says some vehicles parked near the route were towed due to a miscommunication. drivers will get a refund. as for the event itself folks got to enjoy the city in a whole new way. >> usually come down and get coffee. being able to stroll down the middle of the street seeing lots of folks lab a really unique opportunity. >> the event was inspired by the road closures prompted by pope francis' visit to the city last year. and there was more fun in ogontz the 35th police district hosted its annual community day celebration today. "eyewitness news" on the 5900 block of broad street.
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a dunking booth was part of all the fun and the philly phanatic even made an appearance, there he is. today's goal was to promote peace and unity in the neighborhood. it was also an evening of entertainment fun and of course food at the reading terminal market. that's where saint john's hospice celebrated its fall fling gala. the back on my feet organization received a partner in mission award for all of its efforts top end homelessness through running. lots going on tonight. a chill in the air. feeling a lot more like fall right. >> absolutely yeah. very warm start to fall but now mother nature kind of getting in line with the seasons so cooler -- >> i'm welcoming it. >> i know welcoming it. we get to change our wardrobe up a little bit. >> i know boot weather girl. >> lesley's got her boots on. >> we'll slow you those later. they're very nice. >> jacket weather for sure an chilly night ahead especially into the suburbs. we're already down 62 degrees in center city philadelphia. clear sky conditions.
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the city lit green for the eagles tomorrow. winds out of the northeast at around 5 miles per hour and that northerly component to our wind flow is ushering in that cooler air. 62 degrees in toms river, do town 55 degrees in cherry hill moving northbound temperatures generally in the 50's. 53 in mount holly. still up at 62 degrees in mullica hill. moving even more north and westbound temperatures down right chilly, already in mount pocono at 47 degrees. we're at 56 degrees right now in allentown and 57 in quakertown. dewpoints showing us the dramatic change over the last 24 hours, had that cold front come through early morning. now dewpoints down into the 40's and the 30's in some cases. when they get down to that level it's that crisp fall-like air that is going to be present through the day tomorrow so practically perfect for our sunday. bright sunny skies, mild temperatures, that low humidity and light winds will make for a beautiful end to the weekend and beautiful conditions to be at the linc for the birds taking on the steelers. going bring home another win. kickoff 4:25 the game here on
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cbs3, 70 degrees and lots of sunshine but you might need that extra layer with some of those cooler temperatures around. stormstorm scan3 showing clear y conditions across the region, high pressure now in control. our nearest weather system is still well up i didn't understand wind at this point a cold front across portions of the upper midwest and down into the central plains. that arrives on tuesday, really monday night and that will provide us with a rain chance. fast forward future weather into monday morning. we start off with sunshine then an increasing cloud deck on monday night we'll see a band of showers moving in midnight starting to approach the lehigh valley poconos late monday into early tuesday morning moving across the i-95 corridor then down the shore as we head into early tuesday morning. this model bringing the rainfall in a little bit quicker than some other models. i would prepare for a wet commute especially in south jersey on tuesday morning. cold front continues to advancement as we head through the day on tuesday the cloud
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deck will likely erode and by the tuesday evening commute much improved conditions but overnight tonight no rainfall to worry about just clear skies, down to 53 degrees, great sleeping weather in the city. tomorrow beautiful day in store, nice and fall-like sunny and crisp high temperature of 72 degrees running below average for once. it will be a cool but nice sunny day down the shore, 70 degrees, 62 in the poconos. a great day to get out for a nice hike and temperatures generally in the low 70's across much of the region for our sunday topping at 72 degrees in atlantic city, 72 in wilmington and we keep our temperatures in the 70's all the way through your seven-day forecast. one day to watch out for is on tuesday when we have periods of rain and thunder especially for the first half of the day then clearing out as we head late day into to us. wednesday the sunshine returns. looking pretty good wednesday and thursday, mostly sunny conditions and then can you believe it? next weekend we kick off the month of october.
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>> wow. >> already. >> time is flying. >> where is the time going. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. it's certainly feeling a lot more like football weather. >> you think we're excited about the eagles game with our green tonight? >> get your gear early. >> the big question how will carson wentz do with the steelers defense. penn state and temple both in action and the phillies offense finally showing up
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>> we are less than 24 hours from the eagles toughest test of their young season when they face the steelers right here on cbs3. carson wentz had the eagles offense facing a very good pittsburgh defense. they may be ranked 21st overall but the steelers allowed just 121 yards on the ground. they'll try to force carson wentz to throw the ball hoping he'll throw a pick. number 11 says he's ready. >> we've seen kind of a lot of mixed coverages both man and zone the last few weeks and really the materials like to
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play a lot of zone and that's what they do and that's what they thrive on like to bring different pressure looks out of that. we'll be ready for it. we got some good stuff drawn up. i got to be really smart with how i'm reading things. >> our condition making timing accuracy, we talk about this stuff every day in particularly in the red zone where carson has to be on point. >> so here's your lineup. at 11:30 we'll get you ready for the game with toyota sunday kickoff. at noon we have the nfl today followed by the broncos with the bengals. at 4:25, yes, it's the big game steelers and eagles live from the linc. we'll wrap up the action shortly after midnight in a hyundai sports zone. are you on the wentz wagon? if you aren't hop aboard tomorrow at the wip tailgate zone across the linc. vittoria woodill and wip's sludge will be on that wagon tailgating. homecoming for tell me
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well facing charlotte looking to rebound. second quarter of the game owls down seven to three. walker with the play action fake finds jennings wide opened for a 51-yard score and the owls take a 10 to seven lead. still in the secondhandoff jihad. connects with broderick yancy down the side line. yancy breaks a tackle goes 40 yards tort touchdown owls roll to a 48-20 homecoming win. penn state started big 10 conference today in ann arbor facing michigan much this was james franklin's second trip to the big house and this was a long day for him and the nittany lions. first quarter wolverines go for it. smith scores on a 1 yard touchdown.
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they flu with a two touchdown lead. michigan in the red zone, the score. fourth ranked wolverines had 515 total yards of offense crushed penn state 49 to 10. phillies continued their series tonight against the mets. citi field has nothing kind for the fightans. they lost 15 out of 20 of their last games since last year. the phillies got off to a fast start. two runners on for maikel franco he gets all of this pitch. the mets outfielder turning and looking. later in the inning alex asher helping his own cause single to center scores tommy joseph and darin ruf. to the fourth inning phillies up seven-nothing. darin ruf hits his second homer of the year. phillies with a 10-nothing lead. they had 17 hits and held ton beat the mets 10 to eight. to soccer.
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toronto with the ball morrow is able to beat andre make from a tough angle and there the union had to settle for a one-all draw but the good news they still remain in that playoff race so they have a chance. >> good news. thank you so m
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>> ♪ >> welcome back everyone.
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dozens gather for the annual event today. so much fun. community group marched along 52nd street and baltimore avenue to parkside avenue in west philly. they called for unity in the fight against violence in the community during the two and a half mile journey. the march was led by boys latin middle school and the naacp youth and college division. we're back in a moment.
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>> new items on the menu of an indiana restaurant sound good enough to eat but they're not meant for two legged customers. you can see the restaurant in greenwood indiana has gone to the dogs. they have their own special menu. each dog gets free he popcorn
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and entrees run three to four bucks each. some people have tasted the dog food themselves. must be pretty good. >> looks like a very happy customer there. >> very nice. your dogs they would love it i'm sure. >> chi chi he would love it. the other, nah. tomorrow a good day for birds for the eagles game beautiful day sunshine crisp conditions 72 degrees. monday not too bad either 74 with sunshine and late day clouds. rain moves in monday neither and into the first half of the day on tuesday. >> thank you so much lauren and thank you for joining us tonight. i'm natasha brown for lesley lauren all of us here we appreciate you being with us. if you're up early join our morning team and remember we're always on have a great night, everyone. >> ♪ i'm one of those cukoo, cukoo, cukoo. >> byron allen, coming to you
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from this is the "the american athlete". get ready to hang out with some of the greatest world's superstars. tiger woods. >> you determine your own future. you don't have to depend on teammates, if you blow something or screw up, it is your fault. >> michael andretti. >> i own the car. so now i'm all worried about them banging into things. >> ronnie lott. >> hey, he's telling the truth. >> so where did you grow up? >> southern california, about 15 minutes away from here. >> is that right? you started playing golf in diapers. >> i was pretty young. >> were you? >> 11 monts.


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